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Joe Studebaker
I just finished Karma Peace. Thank you. Thank you for the pains I know you
have experienced to bring forth such beauty. Thank you for sharing. As any good
book, KP has touched many cords, nerves, secret places, identity soft spots and
hard pressed callouses of Reason. A wonderful book for reflection. I will read it
again, soon, to see what I missed with the first reading. You see more when
you're not looking for what is on the next page. ;) The book was a truly wonderful
experience for me. Many, many thanks and blessings. Namaste.

Kristin Casey
Connie Van Cleve has a way of instantly getting inside a character's head so they
jump off the page and straight into your heart. Karma's confounding confusion
and emotional pain really resonated with me as did her frantic desperation to
change her situation. I was totally swept up in her journey and quest to
understand all the bizarre pieces of her life & past and how they threaded into the
fabric of her identity. And the rich descriptions of India, clearly derived first hand,
were as authentic as the diverse and fascinating characters. Their stories are
woven together so carefully that all their seemingly jagged little pieces eventually
fall together into this one brilliant vision of self-awareness. It's truly an inspired

Heather Cruickshank
Your book was amazing, ending took me completely by surprise. It was very
entertaining, a real page-turner; very well-developed and researched, and I would
definitely recommend it to friends and family.
Keep up the good work, madam. Namaste!

Dan Evers
Karma Peace...WOW! WHAT A FANTASTIC JOURNEY! Connie has a
gifted literary talent to make characters, sounds, smells, and colors come to life in
the readers mind in the wonderful tale of a woman searching for her inner peace.
Her literary transition from character to character and situation to situation is spot
on and make...s for an easy to follow and exciting read! I can’t wait for the
sequel!!! Hmm? Maybe a storyline about the Twins Chandra and Tara’s Journey
perhaps! ;)

Laura Hawes Meeks
Karma Peace was a magnificent read! I loved every moment of it. I can't wait for
Connie's next book, whenever that may be. A gifted writer, to be sure sure.

Kelly Turknett
I went to bed early and stayed up late, just to read another page. I love the
intricacy of the story. Connie makes color jump from a black and white page.
Well done.

Michelle Catlin
Finished your book today Connie...I absolutely loved it :) I gushed on and on to
everyone about it today so I hope they shared...I look forward to talking to you
about it, too...The ending was unexpected and beautiful...I cried!!!! Amazing job!

Carla Osterby
Really enjoyed your book. Your words paint a vivid picture of India...and the
human condition...

Rebecca Pollard (first entry)
I am in Costa Rica reading your book. After 4 hours of spanish and before 2
hours of yoga it is a perfect escape. Thanks!
Rebecca Pollard (second entry)
I finished your book last night. Great job!!! And I agree with your quote (on
fear), am now reading a book called 'When Fear Falls Away'. I hope it will for

Lynn B Savage
Began my new year by reading the first several chapters of Karma Peace. Very
good stuff! The connection between the camel and Sweetheart the horse brought
tears to my eyes.

Jennie Palmer (first entry)
KARMA PEACE....what a wonderful book. Connie I do not have the literary
skills as yourself, but I can say, that with your writing I am able to be right there
with you in the book and use all my senses...through feeling, seeing, hearing,
smelling and tasting. It's a full blown mind eruption just in the first few pages...
Totally awesome!
Jennie Palmer (second entry)
I am a slow methodical reader Connie...and your book Karma Peace actually
speeds up my process as I turn each page...It is so well written and you are an
exceptional author...thanks for being a part of so many peoples lives...this should
be on the Best Seller List!!!

Penny Gillman, Author of The Wigapom Quest
Wow, Connie! Just read the first 30% of the KP ebook download (yep, link
works brilliantly) and am full of praise for the story so far...can't wait to finish it.
Well done, you... it's gutsy and evocative and mysterious and a hundred other
epithets I could use, great stuff!

Rosie Milatz-Good :
Just finished the book this morning. Please tell me you have plans to write more
Connie Van Cleve:
Wow, Rosie! You finished already? Awesome. And yes, I am in the incubation
stage of the sequel to KARMA PEACE...thanks for asking. That must mean that
you enjoyed it! ;)
Rosie Milatz-Good:
It doesn't take me long to read a book that keeps my attention. It was wonderful.
Looking forward to the next one.

Rebecca Coors (first entry)
I'm only about a quarter of the way through, and I am so happy we connected on
Face book, so that I may become aware of your baby. I am loving your colorful,
original metaphors. The honesty in which you describe India, and the main
character including her own flaws, shows the good, bad, and ugly, of both, still...
leaving the reader wanting more and rooting for Karma. Thanks for sharing your
experiences + imagination.
Rebecca Coors (second entry)
I finished Karma Peace and loved it. I chuckled at the humor, and cringed at the
gritty parts. I felt It was an honest portrayal of the multi layered characteristics,
not only human beings posses, but the country she turns to for her salvation as
well. Thanks so much for putting forth the effort in writing and publishing Karma

Diane Diamond (first entry)
Thank you Connie so much , I received my book yesterday evening it is
absolutely magnificent reading !! I know I will read it over and over. It is so deep.
Truly a unique and most needed book nowadays. Thank you somuch it will have
a special place on my bookcase!!
Diane Diamond (second entry)
A really great book! Actually, it's more than a book, it's a journey...
Diane Diamond (third entry)
Connie: there is only one word for your book: AWESOME!! Just finished
reading it last night...what a great book!!!

Beth Chase Hluska
Just finished this book last night...LOVED it!

Maya Judicia de Souza
I finished Karma Peace! My girl, it was a very good and interesting read, and I'm
sure it was for you such a release to put all your feelings and experiences together
to produce such a piece. I saw in my mind the places you mentioned, and
thought, we were in the same places...once, at separate times. And maybe before
that...together. I love that we are able to see beyond what is generally accepted
by the masses! I am going to lend the book to my mum, I know she's going to
love it too!

Heather Friedman Rivera
Just finished reading "Karma Peace". I enjoyed it very much, the scenery,
attention to detail (felt like I was right there in India with Karma) the characters
and, of course, anything with past life recall as that is my area of study. Thank
you, Connie. Namaste.

More to come soon...

"Karma Peace is not only a well-written metaphysical journey of a woman
looking to find peace within herself, but it’s also fun, exciting,
and full of good drama and characterization.
I love this book!"  
William Greenleaf,
Author of The Tartarus Incident,
Starjacked!, and the upcoming
"I was enthralled by Karma Peace and her journey into NOW.
It’s a real page-turner, chock full of spiritual lessons,
as well as surprises in every chapter."
Jean Adrienne, Creator of Quantum Change,
Author, Talk Radio Hos
"Karma Peace is a story that embraces lessons of the spirit
while taking a walk through the human condition."
Sabrina Gosmire, LCPC
Psychotherapist and Spiritual Guide
"A thought provoking story that weaves
darkness with light..."
Texas Readers Association
"Inveterate world traveler, Connie M. Van Cleve, takes readers and her heroine on a
sweeping journey through India in this debut novel… recommended for those who enjoy
lovely stories of personal growth and protagonists of unsuspected strength."
ForeWord Clarion Reviews
"Karma Peace is a powerful story about healing and forgiveness. The author skillfully
interweaves past and present lives, and every encounter is meaningful for the heroine.
This book reflects both the humanity and divinity which are a part of everyone.
I highly recommend this book."
Jane Van De Velde, DNP, RN,
Reiki Master/Teacher & Writer
"Karma Peace is a well-written treat.
It is a definite page-turner and one of the best new novels in 2010."
You haven't experienced a trip like this since
So come on! Join the journey!
An allegorical tale of one woman's mid-life crisis,
her abandonment of family for India,
the battle for her 'true' self,
and a spectacular phoenix-style rise from the flames...
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